Monthly Archives: January 2014


Hi folks

It’s 30 January, 2014, and the residents of Takapu Valley have just found out that the New Zealand Transport Agency wants to put a highway through the valley.  As you can imagine, we’re all a bit worked up.  :^)  We’ve set up this website to help us communicate with each other, and with the greater Wellington community and beyond.

Takapu Valley has many remnants – biodiversity remnants (we have no trout in the valley, but abundant native fish), heritage remnants (some of the land is still in original ownership from Wellington’s early days), and social remnants (we’re one of the few close-knit rural communities left in Wellington).  We think it’s worth protecting from a proposed road that has no clear stated objectives, and is a last minute tack on to the long standing Petone to Grenada Road.