Petone to Grenada, not Petone to Transmission Gully!

UPDATE: NZTA has announced the decision of the Board.  Takapu Valley is, for the moment, safe from major highway development, as the Petone to Grenada link road will “[provide] future highway capacity north of Tawa on SH1 within the existing highway footprint between Tawa and Transmission Gully when it is needed.” More information on the project website here.


NZTA wants to bulldoze a highway (option D) up Takapu Valley, parallel to State Highway One, to connect Transmission Gully to the Petone to Grenada link road. This last minute add-on to the Petone to Grenada Road project has major impacts, no clear objectives, and the stated benefits are woeful. The history, ecology, and community of this rural corner of Tawa are each treasures worth fighting for. There’s a lot of spin and misinformation out there about this proposed road, and we’ve uncovered some pretty underhand tactics by NZTA, major analysis errors, and other biases. Don’t be misled.

eel-&-francesTakapu Valley is a biodiversity hotspot.  There are no introduced predatory trout in the valley, so it’s chock full of threatened native fish species.  Professional pest control confirms that there close to no possums, as residents trap extensively for stoats, rats and possums, and native birds flourish. In fact, we’ve just confirmed courting rare native falcons in Takapu Valley! Takapu Valley has the main access into western Belmont Regional Park (for horseriding, biking and walking). Access is jeopardised under the NZTA plan._6451935_H

Porirua Stream is the main tributory of Porirua Harbour, and Takapu Valley the clean headwater and 50% of it’s length. Takapu Stream is undeveloped pristine rural farmland, and has abundant native fish fauna.  This must be protected for the health of Porirua Harbour system. Read more about the Takapu Valley headwaters.

So far, the Greater Wellington Regional Council, the Wellington City Council AND the Regional Transport Committee have all formally voted to STOP this bad NZTA plan. Yet NZTA are still saying this means nothing, and that the NZTA board will decide on NZTA recommendations.  Hon. Peter Dunne has steadfastly rejected the destruction of Takapu Valley, and heavily criticised NZTA’s behaviour. It feels like another Basin Reserve Flyover saga all over again for Wellington. We’re committed to stopping Option D nonsense by NZTA.